вторник, 6 декабря 2011 г.

People of England: The Nine Days' Queen

At some point in her life this noble woman was declared Queen of England, but following the short period of her reign her residence was moved to the Tower of London. Her time in power lasted only nine days; at the end of this period she was convicted of high treason and ultimately executed. Consequently, she is often referred to as the "Nine Days' Queen." Who was this mysterious queen?

Her name was Lady Jane Grey. After the death of King Henry VIII his son, Prince Edward VI, inherited the throne. Being extremely sick and weak, the newly established King did not manage to remain in power for a long time. Professing the Protestant faith and leaving "The Common Book of Prayer" as one of his most significant accomplishments, Edward nominated Lady Jane Grey, his first-cousin-once-removed, to be the successor to the Crown. 

In his attempt to uphold Protestantism in England, Edward was not willing to allow his half-sister Mary, who was Catholic, to succeed him. However, shortly after his death, the news of Edward's plans regarding Lady Jane's reign spread, and Mary arrived in England from Spain to reclaim the throne. Thus Lady Jane Grey was convicted of high treason and executed 6 months after she had been dethroned.

Here's an interesting historical program about her short life as the English Queen. Watch it and complete the assignments below: