пятница, 9 декабря 2011 г.

Good reads for the weekend - Advanced

Today is Friday and it looks like the cold weather may keep many of us inside, at least for the majority of the time. Regardless of your weekend plans, there's always a time for some good newspaper reading, and thanks to the Internet it is absolutely free! Let us suggest five articles that might boost your reading skills and teach you a few new things you may not have known before. So, here's THREE great reads for you from OnlinEnglish: 

  1. America's recent graduates are looking for jobs in ... India. You might think that this is foolish or risky, but with the American economy slowing down, recent graduates find more career opportunities in the fastest growing country in the world - India. Such employment may not be too lucrative in terms of high salaries, but considering a lower cost of living and wonderful international experience working in India appeals to a number of new professionals. To read more click here.
  2. Lana Peters, Joseph Stalin's Daughter, dies at 85. This woman's life resembles a long, unpredictable, perilous and tumultuous journey into the world where she never found peace. Even though Stalin, in his bipolar way, cherished his "little sparrow", Lana shared that she was never able to forgive his cruelty towards her. “He broke my life,” she said. “I want to explain to you. He broke my life.” And he left a shadow from which she could never emerge. “Wherever I go,” she said, “here, or Switzerland, or India, or wherever. Australia. Some island. I will always be a political prisoner of my father’s name.”  Read more here.
  3. UK's shortage of jobs prompts Universities to adopt "entrepreneurial" culture. UK universities that used to train young people to join some prominent industries are now challenged to transform their training methods to encourage students to spin something of their own, to start their own businesses while still in school and to adopt the idea of self-employment as a new trend of the future. Read a short summary of this idea here.
We hope you have an enjoyable weekend. If you have any comments and thoughts about what you have read don't hesitate to share them in the comments. Thank you!