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7 expressions with "do" and "deal"

A week ago I started a discussion on the usage of words "deal" and "do". Today I thought I would continue and give you 7 new expressions with these words. It's amazing that the higher your level the more definitions of the same word, even a small one, you know. On an intermediate level you know enough words to get by, and so the tendency is to "sit back" and relax. This is when your level of English "plateaus" and you become complacent. That is, you know this word already, so why look it up in the dictionary again, right? As it turns out complacency leads to stagnation, so whenever I think I know enough already there's not enough progress, there's only regress. So my advice is to try and look a word up in the dictionary, even the one you "know already" and you will be surprised at how many new meanings that word will carry! Well, back to our expression list!
  1. If you went to school and took some German classes you can say I did some German in school. When the word "do" is connected with a school subject it means you have studied it or have taken some classes. For example, you can also say, "I did some piano when I was 13," which means you took some piano classes at that age.
  2. If you were a very good student you can easily say "I did well at school." "To do well" means you had good grades at school and did not have any problems academically. 
  3. If somebody has made his fortune or has made a lot of money you can say that this person "has done well". In life, if you "do well" it means you have succeeded or prospered, financially.
  4. You can also hear people say sometimes, "You will do well to complete this assignment on time." In this situation it means "it will be in your best interest to complete the assignment on time." Or, it will be good for you and for everyone else.
  5. You can also hear people say, "This has nothing to do with it" meaning this is irrelevant or unrelated to our topic of discussion. Another way to say this: this doesn't have anything to do with it. If, however something is relevant you can say, "This has everything to do with it." Likewise, you can ask, "What does it have to do with it?", meaning, what is the connection between the subject you're talking about and something else?
  6. Deal with: If you're dealing with something it means you are trying to cope with something or to handle something. You can say "I'm dealing with a lot right now", meaning you're overwhelmed with the things that you're going through. There're a lot more expressions on this, and you can check them out here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/deal+with
  7. That's a done deal! In this case, the word "deal" is used as a noun. If you say that something is a "done deal" it means that it's decided, and there's no turning back.
I hope this has helped you some to get a few colloquial phrases under your belt. More fun idioms and expressions will follow soon.

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