понедельник, 31 октября 2011 г.

Word study: learn 7 expressions with the word "WALL"

Walls are everywhere. If you don't believe me - look around. Walls protect us from the outside world, but they can also separate and alienate us from each other. I'm actually in the process of putting a video together for a class on the topic of "walls." You're going to see it pretty soon! In the meantime, I thought I'd share a few common phrases with the word "wall" that you can use in your conversation easily. There are 7 of them!
  1.  A wallflower is a term to describe a woman that does not get invited to dance because she's too shy. It can also refer to a woman that is recruited for an unimportant job in government just to show that there is "no" discrimination against women.
  2. Up the wall (go up the wall/drive smb up the wall): when you "go up the wall" you get very angry. When somebody drives you up the wall, they make you crazy. 
  3. Off the wall: When something is "off the wall" it is absolutely irrelevant and unconventional. One of Michael Jackson's album recorded in 1979 was called "Off the wall", the song challenged people to live their lives "off the wall", i.e. unconventionally. 
  4. Go to the wall: When a company "goes to the wall" it fails or goes bankrupt.
  5. Back to the wall: When you're "back to the wall" you are in a very difficult situation, you don't have much room to move. 
  6. Writing on the wall: When you see a writing on the wall it usually means that whatever you are doing is doomed and is going to fail.
  7. Good walls make good neighbors: This proverbs means that if you want to be a good neighbor you should make an effort not to listen to what's going on next door (and not talk about it). When you respect your neighbor's privacy you are called a "good neighbor." 
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