вторник, 27 сентября 2011 г.

Webinar 4: Practicing links and weak forms

Prior to completing these assignments make sure you watch the recording of webinar 4.

Assignment 1: Read the following sentences making sure you link the words together and not separate them. Please, note that the point of these exercises is not to read them quickly, but clearly. Record your reading:

  1. She's as old as the hills.
  2. She has an uncle and a cousin.
  3. When am I going to get it?
  4. What does that matter?
  5. Who was that awful woman you talked to all evening at the party?
  6. Come and have dinner with us on Thursday the twenty-third of this month.
  7. It was near the end of the week before I arrived back from Ireland.
Assignment 2: Read the following expressions and sentences making sure you pronounce the weak forms properly, linking the previous words to the weak form of the following one. Record:
  1. given him
  2. cream and sugar
  3. a cup of coffee in a copper pot.
  4. They staged it at a students auditorium.
  5. When did you stay at this hotel?
  6. What did you do on your trip to Atlanta?
  7. Could you pass this file to me, please?
Assignment 3: Listen and practice reading of the following text. Note the intonation and links (there're fewer short forms as it is not a conversation). Practice reading exactly the way you hear on the recording. Record yourself and email your assignment.