вторник, 13 сентября 2011 г.

Webinar 2: Practicing vowels, consonants and clusters

Please, watch the webinar again prior to completing these assignments.

Assignment 1. Practice the following expressions, pay attention to the pronunciation of the sounds in bold.

  1. I'm living here. I'm leaving from here.
  2. That's a sad statement. That's a well-said statement.
  3. She fought for her love. She thought of her love. She sought out her love.
  4. My clothes are made of flax. My clothes have flaky spots. My son's into sports.
  5. The tunes are good. The tunnels are long. The tones are bright. 

Record your reading. (If you don't know how to do a recording click the link here).

Assignment 2. Practice reading the following consonants clusters.
  1. Look at the fin of that fish! It's thin!
  2. Where's your van? Why isn't it at the house?
  3. Who's your pet's vet? Your pet looks wet.
  4. Oh, the thrill of turning thirty! Oh, the threat of turning forty!
  5. She sang beautiful songs in 5 ancient tongues.
Record your reading.

Assignment 3. Listen to the following words and check which one you hear.
  1. This _______ is the most ugly one in the town (sin, seen, scene)
  2. He's got a ________ look. (thick, seek, sick)
  3. What does the word "________" mean? (later, latter, letter, ladder)
  4. Why did he _______ so quickly? (think, sink, sing, thing).
  5. I have no idea where he lost his _______. (pens, pans, pants).
(check with the key in the comment line in 2 days!)

Assignment 4. Read the following expressions, record yourself:

  1. slept there
  2. filled up
  3. grabbed her
  4. stated his opinion
  5. She's got a pair of nice shoes.
  6. I can't find that one cup I bought at the main gate.
  7. He's such a good boy!