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Pronunciation webinar 1: Assignments

Please, make sure that you listen to webinar 1 recording again before you complete the following  assignments.

Assignment 1. Please, listen to the following words and expressions and type up what you hear (there're 15 of them).

Assignment 2. Once you receive the key, correct your mistakes and then make your own recording. Here's where you'll find your computer recorder:
Step 1

Step 2

 Step 3

Assignment 3:

Read and record the following phrases:
  1. licking ice-cream
  2. a leaking ice-cream cone
  3. step it up
  4. filling in the blanks
  5. stabbed him in the chest
  6. I feel your pain.
  7. Your clothes look filthy! Where have you been?
  8. When did he plan on being at this house?
  9. What time's this Thursday's meeting?
  10. Did he ever tell you about his plans to celebrate his 40th anniversary?