среда, 31 августа 2011 г.

Word games: "Can dogs retrieve game?"

Golden retrievers are not just beautiful, friendly and easy-going, they are the fifth most popular dogs in the United States and Australia. The very name "retriever" can shed some light on what this dog was initially bred for, or can point to its mission. The word "retriever" comes from a verb "to retrieve" - to bring something back, to fetch a killed or wounded bird or animal as a process of hunting.
By the way, in hunting the term for a wounded or killed bird is "game." Thus, a golden retriever's major task is to "retrieve game." The word "retrieve" can also be used in expressions like these:
  1. to retrieve a ball: "The first basketball players had to retrieve the ball from the baskets before the loop was invented" (read more here).
  2. to retrieve an error: "to make amends for something, correct mistakes" - "After some negotiations the employee was able to retrieve his error and move on." In Russian: исправить ошибку.
  3. to retrieve a loss: "to repair, to make good" - "There was hardly any insurance cover to retrieve the losses." In Russian: возместить убытки.
The word "retrieve" came from the 15-century French word "retrouver" meaning "find again."