пятница, 29 июля 2011 г.

127. Nobel Prize Winners: Nelson Mandela

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandala was born in 1918 and is known around the world as a very prominent social, anti-apartheid activist, the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the first democratically elected president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. His anti-apartheid involvement cost him his freedom as in 1962 he was sentenced to life imprisonment on a number of charges, including sabotage. He spent 18 out of 27 years of his imprisonment on Robben Island, then was released in 1990. Upon his release he led his party in negotiations towards establishing multiracial democracy in South Africa.

четверг, 28 июля 2011 г.

How many English words do you know?

Have you ever wondered how many words you actually know? Just yesterday I came across this wonderful online resource that allows you to find out the approximate number of words in your active vocabulary. Actually, one of the people I follow on twitter challenged us to learn the extent of our vocabulary. She had a little over 5,000 words, so I got really interested. My number ended up being 22,500 which in a way boosted my self-esteem since an average native speaker's range is anywhere between 20,000-40,000 words. However, I think I should develop it to 30,000 by the end of next school year. What about you? How many words do YOU have in your vocab?

среда, 27 июля 2011 г.

Изучаем английский в формате онлайн-групп!

В этом году OnlinEnglish предлагает Вам возможность сэкономить 25% от стоимости обучения, записавшись в онлайн-группу. Занятия проводятся в форме вебинаров или конференц-звонков по скайпу.

Группы будут состоять из двух-трех человек, и основная цель таких занятий - максимально практиковать навыки общения на языке. Если Вам необходимо поддерживать уровень английского языка, занятия в онлайн-группе - это как раз то, что Вам нужно!

"Advance" program for teachers!

OnlinEnglish offers a wide range of English language improvement programs online, one of which is a NEW Monthly Teacher Training Program “Advance.” “Advance” includes 4 language learning modules in 4 different formats taught by two professional ESL instructors. Each module is conducted on a weekly basis and includes extensive home assignments aiming at improving particular skills, strengthening the teacher’s expertise, and expanding their vocabulary.

вторник, 26 июля 2011 г.

5 things to remember about TOEFL prep

It is almost that time in the year when you want to start your TOEFL preparation. Generally, your deadline for submitting applications for September 2012 is January-February 2011. So, if you pace yourself you can start in September 2011 and study through November, take your test in December and submit the score in January. *Pace yourself* is the key strategy for TOEFL preparation. Rushed exam prep produces mediocre results.

Below are 5 strategies on how to prepare best for your upcoming TOEFL test:

пятница, 22 июля 2011 г.

Summer Break Dates!

Time for vacation everyone! There will be no classes, free trial lessons and/or webinars from July 22, 2011 to August 19, 2011. We shall reconvene on Monday, August 22, 2011. The blog will be updated, and you will still be receiving free online lessons (if you're subscribed), so don't forget to come back and check us. If you have any questions, you can direct them to instructor @ eto-onlinenglish.com. Thanks!

Внимание: каникулы! С 22-го июля по 19-е августа занятия, бесплатные пробные уроки, а также вебинары проводиться не будут. Учиться мы продолжим с 22-го августа. Если у Вас есть вопросы по новому учебному году, пишите координатору на instructor @ eto-onlinenglish.com (без пробелов). Также, следите за обновлениями на блоге! До встречи в августе. Хорошего всем отдыха!

четверг, 21 июля 2011 г.

126. Obesity rates on the rise in the US

According to Mail Online News, America's obesity epidemic shows no signs of recovery as the rate of overweight people has climbed over a 30 per cent mark in at least 12 states. The staggering statistics indicates at least a 10 per cent growth in comparison with the year 2000 when no state had more than 25 per cent obesity rate. To date, the heaviest state is still Mississippi with over 34 per cent overweight population. Among other obese states are West Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama (see the map below). The lowest rate of obesity was reported in Colorado (21 per cent).

среда, 20 июля 2011 г.

Jennifer Lopez has been invited to the wedding reception in Yalta!

Shortly after her break-up with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez was invited to perform at the wedding of Sergei Taruta's daughter. Ms. Lopez arrived in Simferopol airport at 5 AM and left the party at 11 PM, reportedly having earned $1 mln. for the gig. The wedding took place in Yalta on July 19.

Way to go, dear billionaires :) My comment: considering the average University tuition in Ukraine ($2,000) this money could have served as grants to help 50 students get education. Let's hope that they will do as much for our future.

понедельник, 18 июля 2011 г.

Зачем учить английский? Анкета для учащихся и всех желающих.

Скажу кратко: сегодня английский нужен всем. Вне зависимости от Вашей профессии, знание английского языка уже не просто вопрос личного предпочтения, а необходимость любого современного человека. Конечно же, с развитием технологий, изучение любого иностранного языка стало более доступным. Найдя пару обучающих сайтов, можно совершенно бесплатно получить необходимые навыки в разных сферах. Тем не менее, человек устроен так, что банальная зубрежка наводит скуку и отбивает любое желание учиться.

четверг, 14 июля 2011 г.

Teacher's Tips: Case Study 3.

Dear Teachers and Students:

I invite you to look into the following case-study and evaluate it by posting your comments:

A few years ago I did teacher training, and one of the participants seemed to be more enthusiastic than anyone else. She was passionate about teaching, and her cheer and gusto became evident upon your first encounter with her. She would share her teaching techniques with you and advise you on the best strategies, however, when I attended her own lessons she didn't feel as secure as I thought she would be.

вторник, 12 июля 2011 г.

125. What's a blooper?

"Blooper" is an embarrassing mistake or a blunder. The word is mostly referred to the times when a TV host makes a stupid error that causes laughter or embarrassment. One of such memorable bloopers was a quote from a famous Perestroika-era talk show that "There is no sex in the USSR..." [1].

The origin of the term, however, comes from baseball (as, in fact, many other American idioms do) and refers to a "fly ball missed by the fielder" (see the illustration). However, a "blooper" may also be a definition of a radio receiver that interferes with other broadcasts.

понедельник, 11 июля 2011 г.

124. Decor 101: It's all about the details.

In my previous post I wrote a little about the concept of finding storage in your apartment. One of the hardest things for me has always been the challenge of keeping your space "clutter-free." What clutters my rooms? There are three major things: paper, books, and office supplies. I find it easy to keep everything else where it belongs, however, when it comes to stationary and books it gets a bit tricky. If I were to put all of our family's books in the living room it would turn into a small public library, and you do not want your living room to be so startling. So, surprisingly, I found a little corner in my laundry room where I thought I'd hide yet another book case. Then it dawned on me that I should probably hide these books somehow so they don't look "out of place." Here's what I did:

пятница, 8 июля 2011 г.

123. Shakespeare hiding in the Bible?

Как известно, в этом году исполняется 400 лет со дня издания Библии короля Якова - перевода, выпущенного в 1611 году под патронажем короля Англии Якова I. Ричард Ледерер, автор статей журнала Language Magazine, а также других известных изданий, "словоядный" писатель и юморист, решил узнать, почему же на тот момент прославленного драматурга Вильяма Шекспира не подключили к группе 44-х переводчиков? Кто как ни он, уже написавший "Макбет" в честь правящего короля, сумел бы учесть все языковые тонкости? Оказывается, что несмотря на обстоятельства, Шекспир все же "присутствует" в тексте библии, если прибегнуть к занимательной нумерологии.

четверг, 7 июля 2011 г.

122. Unending Love: One of Audrey Hepburn's favorite poems

~Written by Rabindranath Tagore - a Bengali poet, writer and composer - this poem itself combines music and poetry in the most appealing way. Even in translation, his poems carry the sound of music that speaks universally to each human being.

Tagore was the first non-European and the only Indian artist to be awarded Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913. His short stories, plays and novels depicted the Bengali country lifestyle and reshaped the literature and music of the country.

Shortly before her death, Audrey Hepburn shared one of her favorite poems, penned by Tagore, with her two sons. Read it and enjoy its charming melody!~

вторник, 5 июля 2011 г.

Decor 101: Discovering a flair for effective and elegant storage

I believe a person's talent is expressed most fully when they're able to create something out of virtually nothing and completely lose track of time while working on a single project. By the same token, whenever we lack the gifting in a particular area we find ourselves in a stupor when faced even with a simple task, our productivity goes down, we get bored and spend our time watching the clock hand moving. "Time flies when you're having fun," people say in English meaning when you enjoy something your time will fly and you will not consider this "work."

This summer, as my husband and I have moved into a new apartment, my desire has been to explore the not-so-gifted interior designer living inside me to see if it is actually possible to develop a flair for something outside of your gifting. One of the greatest challenges, as I'm sure many of my readers will share, is the ability to find storage in a small apartment, especially when you have a few hundreds of books.