вторник, 31 мая 2011 г.

115b. England Stories Series: Buckingham Palace

Buckingham palace is the home and the primary residence of the British Monarch. Originally named Buckingham townhouse, it was built in 1705 for the Duke of Buckingham. A little over half a century later, the building was purchased by King George III to be used as a private residence for Queen Charlotte and thus was referred to as "The Queen's House." Architects John Nash and Edward Blore enlarged and updated the structure in the 19th century. The "House" became the official residence of the British Monarchs in 1837 upon the accession of Queen Victoria.

среда, 25 мая 2011 г.

113. England Stories Series: Althorp Estate

Althorp estate is located to the north-east of London and covers the area over 14,000 acres (over 60 km2). The estate has been the ancestral home of the Spencer family since the 16th century. It was here that a little girl Diana Spencer spent her childhood and adolescence. Little did she know what was in store for her. Ever since she married Prince Charles and became a part of the royal family, Princess Diana had become an object of admiration for her femininity and charitable works.

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OnlinEnglish Grammar Webinars

Уважаемые участники вебинаров по грамматике и читатели блога OnlinEnglish!

Мы предлагаем Вам оставить свои впечатления и комментарии, выбрать тему для следующих вебинаров, узнать 5 доводов в пользу изучения грамматики, ознакомиться с самыми эффективными грамматическими пособиями и поделиться этой ценной информацией с друзьями. Просто нажмите эту ссылку и просмотрите детальную страницу о вебинарах. Спасибо за участие!

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Reader's Digest Not-To-Do List for a Job Applicant

In June/July 2011 issue of Reader's Digest you will find an amusing column from careerbuilder.com Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (p.105) that lists some examples of wrong impressions people have made at their job interviews. So, if you do want to get a job you might want to stay away from the following:

"Applicant hugged hiring manager at the end of the interview."

"Applicant ate all the candy from the candy bowl while trying to answer questions."

"Applicant blew her nose and lined up the used tissues on the table in front of her."

пятница, 20 мая 2011 г.

112. The Benefits of Tea Drinking

What's your favorite tea? I enjoy "Graf Orlov" (see the image below), the fragrant black tea with saffron, cornflower, black and red current, raspberry, and strawberry, which tastes slightly tart, but has a great effect on my body. I sometimes wonder why we prefer certain teas over others. From my perspective, it all has to do with the memories that a particular taste of tea brings back. Some teas remind me of my parents' home and friends, long talks into the night and a life in Ukraine.

четверг, 19 мая 2011 г.

Reader's Digest Funny Notes on Rent and Dating

Paying your rent and breaking up can be equally painful, at least this is what Reader's Digest suggests (RD June/July 2011). Rent is sometimes too high, and nobody likes just "giving it away" to your landlord at the end of the month. There are some tenants however that come up with creative excuses to avoid paying it.

Grammar Webinar Update

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С уважением,

OnlinEnglish Instructor

The world's worst vice

Can you say the phrase "the world's worst vice" without twisting your tongue? It's not easy. What is vice? According to the definition found on dictionary.com vice is an immoral or evil habit or practice. Generally the word "vice" is used to describe something extremely immoral, but it can also be used humorously. In a neutral context you can simply use the expression "bad/worst habit."

What's your worst habit? Reader's Digest Magazine (June/July 2011) has published the results of a poll conducted in 16 countries asking people what their bad habits were. Two major bad habits that people named were procrastination and overeating.

вторник, 17 мая 2011 г.

111. Norman Rockwell: an American Painter and Illustrator

A familiar for many Americans print titled "Begging" on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post draws one into a life of light, leisure, and laughter. Look at the faithful dog who's fixed its gaze on that box of sweets begging to get just one candy. Indifferent to her pet, the master continues reading giving no notice to the puppy's demands.

Norman Rockwell painted this scene for a Post Cover of June 1925. His prints and paintings, always cheerful and bright, skillfully concealed the truth about his depressions and emotional disorders. Norman Rockwell has lived through two wars, the Great Depression of the 30s, three marriages, and random visits to a psychiatrist.

пятница, 13 мая 2011 г.

110. Airport Vocabulary: Basic to Advanced

"Аэропорт, стою у трапа самолета..." Аэропорты всегда внушали в меня страх: никому не хочется потеряться в залах ожидания и беспризорно бродить по терминалу, как случилось с героем фильма Стивена Спилберга "Терминал" (смотри трейлер фильма внизу). Но что может быть хуже, чем потеряться в аэропорту и не знать, как задать простой вопрос и понять, что от тебя требуют? Если Вы впервые путешествуете самолетом, то трудно угадать, куда нужно идти и у кого просить о помощи. В этом посте я составила небольшой разговорник для перелета: распечатайте и возьмите его с собой, если вдруг что-то пойдет "не так".

понедельник, 9 мая 2011 г.

Grammar Webinars Coming Soon!

Уважаемые читатели! До начала вебинаров по грамматике остается всего десять дней! Спешите зарегистрироваться! Обновленную информацию и подробное расписание читайте здесь. Вебинары проводятся на русском языке.

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109. Электронные книги: E-books

Have you ever thought of owning an "e-book?" In reality, whenever you purchase an "e-book" (Kindle, Nook or I-Pad) you end up buying an e-book library! Over the last five years e-book industry has revolutionized modern readership as well as the publishers.

Whenever I travel I carry a stack of books along with me that take up a lot of room in my suitcase and make my bags heavier. Needless to say, I've been considering purchasing an e-reader for some time.

среда, 4 мая 2011 г.

108. English for Children: Three Unique Resources

As it turns out, one very enthusiastic group that I have been teaching to over the past year is a group of young mothers who are either on maternity leave or are working part-time and want to invest some of their precious time into learning English. I respect their desire and find that it is excellent for mothers to be able not only to advance in life by themselves, but also give a wonderful head start for their children!