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89. England Stories Series: Bath

Bath is a city located in the south-west of England, a little over 150 km west of London. Bath was first established as a spa resort by the Romans in 43 A.D. Since then the city has been renowned for its naturally hot springs, the only ones in the entire United Kingdom. When the Romans first discovered Bath with its natural hot water reservoirs, they built a network of luxurious baths that have been preserved exceptionally well until today.
The first-century Roman baths and the city's architectural masterpieces blend in well with the elegant neoclassical structures of the 18th century. By that time the city became so popular as a spa resort that it could hardly accommodate all the visitors. A decision was made to lay out new quarters in streets and squares, and the project of a new town with the classical decorum was developed and implemented by two architects: John Wood the
elder and John Wood the younger.

Later in the 18th century Bath becomes the center of England's fashion life, as new masterpieces of architecture are created, some of them are Bath's Old Orchard Street Theater, the Royal Crescent, the Circus and the famous Pultney Bridge. In 1987 the city of Bath was designated a World Heritage Site.

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Assignment 1: Read the following words and expressions. Write them down in your notebook, translate and remember them in context. Use these expressions to retell the text.
  • It was established as a resort
  • to be renowned
  • entire
  • reservoir
  • a network of luxurious baths
  • to be preserved well
  • a masterpiece
  • to accommodate
  • new decorum
  • to be implemented
  • a quarter
Assignment 2: Grammar. Find all the adverbs in this text and write out and translate the expressions with them, i.e. well: the baths were preserved well.

Assignment 3: Comprehension questions:
  1. Where is Bath located? What is it famous for?
  2. Why was a decision made to rebuild the city?
  3. Name some of the attractions of Bath?
Assignment 4: Find out more about Bath and share it in class/or in written.