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Discoveries of a lifetime! Really?

When you grab a pencil today to make a few notes in your English textbook or work on your Grammar exercises, try to imagine a time when people knew nothing of such a thing as a pencil.... When a buttonhole on your shirt was non-existent.... When you had to use bread to erase what you have written on a piece of paper... Life has definitely gone forward, and we no longer consider these things as "inventions." Suzi has written an interesting post on such trivia. It's a challenging read, but very entertaining and educational. Feel free to leave your comments. To read, simply click here.

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понедельник, 28 марта 2011 г.

96. England Stories Series: Liverpool

Liverpool is more than just the birthplace of Beatles. It is a major British seaport, a home of two greatest football teams, magnificent cathedrals, and a key destination for the art lovers. Liverpool has a large and diverse population of over 400,000 people. It is known to be the town of Britain's oldest Black community dating back to 1730s. The immigrants from Africa came to Liverpool as seamen, the children of traders sent for education, and freed slaves. However, Liverpool has a large population of the Irish and the Chinese, and it is no longer surprising to see a whole range of International events and celebrations held in the city, as well as to taste a variety of foods from all over the world. Because of its diversity, Liverpool is often referred to as the "melting pot" of cultures.

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American Studies: зачем изучать английский с носителем языка?

Уважаемые читатели и посетители блога OnlinEnglish!

Со следующей недели начинаются занятия с носителем языка! Сюзанна (Сьюзи) Вуллман будет проводить занятия, рассчитанные на всех желающих совершенствовать навыки беглой устной речи и аудирования. Сьюзи сейчас плотно работает над своим блогом, в котором будет собрано огромное количество интересных авторских материалов.

Почему занятия с носителем английского языка настолько важны?*

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95. England Stories Series: Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, or the Collegiate Church of St. Peter at Westminster, is more than 10 centuries old. It is a large church built mainly in the Gothic style and located in the capital of England, London. Westminster Abbey has served as the traditional coronation and burial site of the British Monarchs since 1066. The original site had been established a century prior, around 960, as a Community of the Benedictine monks. The Gothic-looking edifice of the Abbey as we know it today was built by Henry III three centuries later in 1245 who was the first monarch to be buried there.

Частные уроки бесплатно? С OnlinEnglish!

Уроки английского на платформе OnlinEnglish имеют огромные преимущества! В отличии от других языковых курсов, программа индивидуальных занятий OnlinEnglish составляется с учетом способностей и потребностей учащегося. Подробнее с программами OnlinEnglish Вы можете ознакомиться здесь. Кроме этого, OnlinEnglish предлагает гибкую систему скидок для постоянных клиентов! Получить скидки на уроки, а также записаться на бесплатные уроки можно если:

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94. Advanced Listening: RSA Animate - what makes us better workers?

We sometimes think that the more money we get as a reward, the better accomplishments at work we will make. However, research shows quite the opposite. While rewarding somebody for completing a tedious, routine task pays off, a project that requires creativity and non-standard thinking must never be motivated by a high reward, otherwise the quality will be poor or the task will never be accomplished at all. Watch the following RSA video to discover how and why such motivation never works. Your comments are welcome. The video is used with the permission of RSA-Animate.

понедельник, 14 марта 2011 г.

93. Intermediate Reading: Non-Traditional Daily Routines Text

We are so used to reading texts about one's routines: "I get up, I take my shower, have breakfast, and go to school/work..." I have always wondered if one could find a more authentic text about one's daily routines, very different, yet very human. This weekend I have been reading an autobiography by Rebecca Walker "Black, White and Jewish," and have come across an excerpt where she writes about her daily routines in a very unusual way. Please, read it, complete the assignments below, and practice reading with the audio. Note the use of the Present Simple tense. [The extract is published with the permission of the author].

среда, 9 марта 2011 г.

92. Advanced Listening: RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time

Did you ever wonder if location (or birthplace) influences the way a person thinks, dreams, works, and lives? The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) has attempted to find an answer to this dilemma. This 10-minute presentation will focus on people's thinking patterns, the way thinking determines our choices, actions, and destiny. Please, watch the video and complete the assignments below. This video is only for Upper-Intermediate or Advanced level students. This video is used with the permission of RSA-Animate.

понедельник, 7 марта 2011 г.

91. Intermediate Listening: Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones

Today's story is about a very famous African-American opera singer of the 1800s, Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones, or Mme [madam] Jones, as she preferred to be called. Mme Jones was not afraid to be herself and pursued a career that in her day and age was simply impossible for a person of color to achieve. Yet her love for singing and her dedication to pursuing what is right has made her career noticeable and an example for many. Watch the video and complete the assignments below:

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Изменения на блоге

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Quality English Lessons at Convenient Times in the Comfort of Your Home

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90. Must we use "MUST" all the time?

Многие люди, изучающие английский язык, неизбежно сталкиваются со сложностями употребления модального глагола MUST. Такие трудности возникают, особенно если Вы, как и я, учили английский в обыкновенной средней школе. Подумайте, как бы Вы перевели следующие предложения: 1) Мы все должны когда-нибудь выучить иностранный язык. 2) Нам нужно идти, а то мы опоздаем. 3) Мне очень нужно было вчера заехать в больницу. Если в голову кроме глагола MUST ничего не приходит, то я Вам советую посмотреть небольшую презентацию на тему употребления этого загадочного модального глагола.

вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

89. England Stories Series: Bath

Bath is a city located in the south-west of England, a little over 150 km west of London. Bath was first established as a spa resort by the Romans in 43 A.D. Since then the city has been renowned for its naturally hot springs, the only ones in the entire United Kingdom. When the Romans first discovered Bath with its natural hot water reservoirs, they built a network of luxurious baths that have been preserved exceptionally well until today.
The first-century Roman baths and the city's architectural masterpieces blend in well with the elegant neoclassical structures of the 18th century.