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87. England Stories Series: London Eye

London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe that is located on the banks of the river Thames in the capital of England, London. It was designed by a team of seven architects. The height of this structure is 135 meters. London Eye was erected in 1999 as the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, until it was surpassed by two other observation wheels in Nanchang and Singapore. It is the most popular attraction of the English capital, attended by over 3.5 mln. tourists annually. At the worst point of the Global Economic Recession in 2009 this Thameside attraction made over £25 mln. in profit.*** The wheel carries 32 sealed, air-conditioned, egg-shaped cabins, each of them can hold up to 25 people. A predecessor of London Eye was the Great Wheel built in 1895, modelled on the famous Ferris Wheel in Chicago. The Great Wheel was 94 meters high, stayed in service until 1906 and was demolished in 1907.

*Photo by a wikipedia user Diliff. Used by permission of the author (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:London_Eye_Twilight_April_2006.jpg)
**More information on London Eye read here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Eye

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  1. Assignment 1: Vocabulary.

    Read the following words and expressions. Write them down in your notebook, translate and remember them in context:

    1. Ferris wheel
    2. an architect
    3. height
    4. to erect
    5. an observation wheel
    6. to surpass/to be surpassed
    7. attraction
    8. annually/annual
    9. a profit
    10. to seal/ to be sealed
    11. to a predecessor
    12. to be modelled on
    13. to stay in service
    14. to demolish/to be demolished

  2. Assignment 2: Pronunciation drills. Please, practice reading the following names of countries, towns and terms. Listen to the audio to make sure.

    1. London
    2. Europe
    3. Nanchang
    4. Singapore
    5. the Thames
    6. Global Economic Recession
    7. Chicago

  3. Assignment 3: Comprehension questions.

    1. Is London Eye the tallest observation wheel in the world? Explain.

    2. How popular is London Eye compared to other London attractions?

    3. How many cabins does London Eye have and how many people can it hold at a time?

    4. What was the predecessor of London Eye? Describe it.

  4. Assignment 4: Learn more about London Eye on the web and share it in your class/or write it on your blog.