понедельник, 29 ноября 2010 г.

65: English for Beginners: The House Song

Now that you know the objects in different rooms of the house, learn a new song with the Beavers. This song can help you review the use of Present Continuous Tense as well. Pause to practice, then sing along!

64: English for Beginners: In the Kitchen

This is another short clip that can help you learn the names of the objects in the kitchen. Watch the video, pause to repeat words and phrases, then go into your kitchen and practice what you have learned. Don't practice just words, practice sentences, just like in the video.

63: English for Beginners: In the Living Room (Clip)

Watch this video and learn the names of the objects in the living room. Practice listening, repeating, and saying these words to describe your living room. Enjoy!

62: English for Beginners: In the Bathroom (Clip)

Watch this video and practice saying the new words to describe your bathroom. Pause the video, repeat the new words, then go into your bathroom and name the objects that you know.

61. English for Beginners: In the Bedroom (Clip)

This is a short video that has words about a bedroom. Watch the video several times, pause to repeat the new words, then practice describing your room!

понедельник, 22 ноября 2010 г.

60. Reflecting diplomacy in your TOEFL essay

In my previous post (#59) on my top twelve writing tips for TOEFL preparation, the issue of "presenting the balanced view" came up, and I would like to elaborate on that and invite your comments on the topic. To make my post more interactive and less boring, I would showcase a part of my student's essay and suggest one way of how you can express your view without being called an extremist.

вторник, 16 ноября 2010 г.

59. Top Twelve Writing Tips for TOEFL

A number of people have asked me for the best advice on preparation for the writing part of TOEFL exam. I have decided to compile all of the tips into one post. I hope it will be a helpful resource for you.