“Advance” includes 4 language learning modules in 4 different formats conducted by a professional ESL instructor. Each module is conducted on a weekly basis and includes extensive home assignments aiming at improving particular skills, strengthening the teacher’s expertise, and expanding their vocabulary.

ADVANCE structure: The course consists of four modules and is conducted in various formats. The length of the program is 1 month. If you would like to continue, the program will have the same format modules each month, but the assignments will certainly vary.


  • Affordable price: the price was established with consideration to a median teacher’s income in the former Soviet Union.
  • Educational aspect: every module requires assignments and work that will help teachers develop their professional expertise.
  • Effective approach: teachers are taught the skills they need personally and will apply in their teaching.
  • Fast results: condense programs with significant homework and daily studies usually work better than everyday lessons with no homework.
  • Flexible schedule: you can move your lessons around as it best fits you within 30 days of your package length.
  • Inspiring content: getting into a classroom environment after you’ve taught for awhile will inspire you to be better teachers.
  • Intensive format: the format is condensed and sorted in such a way that you get only what you need.
  • Motivational materials: the materials will help motivate you to achieve best results and beat your competition.
  • No long-term commitment: You can choose to take one month of lessons and feel the results and the quality that we provide. Unlike other classes, our Advance Program is designed on a month-to-month basis, so you can stop and resume later as your schedule allows.
  • Targets specifics: The modules are: Grammar, Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing and Vocabulary. All these are essential for successful teachers.
If you're interested, please send an email to: instructor @ (remove spaces) or register here.