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How to write out new words when you read in English: a 5-step strategy.

Whenever you read a short story or a novel you're faced with lots of choices: there're words that you must write out and if you want to build up your vocabulary, this is the best way to do it, but how do you determine, which ones are more important than others?

There are 5 strategies that can help in that regard.

  1. Don't write out every single word. This is a terrible habit imposed on us from our schools and Universities, and it's hard to break. In fact, it was very difficult for me to break it until I decided to focus more on the story than on the single words.
  2. Important words repeat themselves. A writer has a certain vocabulary that he/she uses frequently. Modern-day writers use easier and more understandable language and so it might not be very challenging to omit the words that are "one-off." Write out the words that you come across very often.
  3. Search vocabulary lists. If you're reading classics there're lots of vocabulary lists out there that you can use to prepare yourself for reading your favorite book. Just search for the title of the book and see what you can get.
  4. Study your dictionary. It's so easy to look up words in dictionaries these days! No need to go back to the old bulky books that get outdated very quickly (unless you have a special relationship with them). But don't just look up the word, study it. Skim through the article and see how this word is used. It's better to spend 20 minutes on 1 word than 15 seconds on 100. One deep word study will help you remember the word and use it more often than if you look up the meanings of 100 and never use any of them. I always use dictionary.com.
  5. Join a club for bookies just like you! Incidentally we're starting out a book club in just 2 weeks. There're two options for you (see below), and as you dive into reading this contemporary novel you'll see the returns on your investment! NOTE: The price listed below is for 1 month, the length of the course is 3 months.

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