пятница, 4 апреля 2014 г.

Some random fun reading for your first weekend in April!

Are you ready for the weekend? It seems like my books have been waiting for me all week long, jealous of my long hours spent in front of the computer and anxious for some quality interaction time with crisp whispers of rustling pages for background music. By the way, if you wonder what your OnlinEnglish teachers have been reading lately, do check out our latest blog posts on the Tea-BookShelf! Today I'd like to share two fun findings that may might as well serve as your weekend delicious food for thought!

  • My personal discovery this week was a few snippets from James Baldwin's poetry published in Huffington Post. James Baldwin was an unconventional African-American writer and poet whose writing, just as that of Alice Walker, August Wilson, and other black American writers has infinite depth and a very specific music to it. It feels like they are singing soul with their writing, it's so poignant, passionate, and piercing. Here's my favorite about Christopher Columbus's discovery of the Americas: 
creates the situation,
and then, the situation
creates imagination.
It may, of course,
be the other way around:
Columbus was discovered
by what he found.

  •  The next one is for all of the language geeks out there! Here's a collection of 20 books for Language Lovers published by the OnlineCollege.Org. I have read the classic called  The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White and thanks to one of our instructors, Stephanie Dodaro, I'm familiar with John McWhorter. Of course, I know Noam Chomsky and have read a bit about the "Vanishing Voices" project. Other than that it looks like I've got some reading to do, though maybe not this weekend! So many books, so little time...
I hope your weekend is productive and relaxing! I shall talk to some of you next week in my online classroom, and to others - we'll stay in touch with the English language through our new posts!