понедельник, 31 марта 2014 г.

IELTS preparation (1): 5 tips on the Reading Section

Today I'm opening up a series of IELTS Prep podcasts where I will be sharing with you useful tips on how to pass IELTS exam with flying colors. The tips are based on my experience, reading, and research. Of course, any teacher/student can always add just a few more tips to the list, but I'm going to focus on the ones that I have observed to work really well. Be sure to remember that, like any test, IELTS needs preparation. Even if your English is excellent, you will still need to prepare. It may not take you too long to do so, but you will have to do it just the same. Today's podcast is how to excel in IELTS reading section. 

All of the podcasts are done in English. If you find it difficult to understand then most likely you are not ready to start your preparations. Take a general English course for a few months and try again! Thank you for tuning in!