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FREE Webinar for English Teachers Online

"Learn How to Teach Online in 7 Steps."

Students' enrollment with online education has been consistently growing in the past 10 years, and in the US the proportion of students to have taken at least one class online has gone up to 32%, which means that one out of three US students today is quite familiar with online tools and has no barrier (technological, psychological or other) when it comes to learning online. There are a number of Universities in Europe and the US that offer their courses online free of charge, and since the language of instruction is most commonly English, it is fair to anticipate equal consistent growth in the area of online English training. 

Think about the years when computers and Internet were just being introduced into our lives! Some smart entrepreneurs who seized the opportunity and bought stocks and bonds for a small and unknown computer company with a "fruit name", to quote Forrest Gump, have now become some of the richest people in the world - "Apple Inc." shareholders. English teachers today, too, can take hold of the opportunity considering the rapidly growing online education industry, and develop online English learning platforms to empower students around the world and help them reach their professional goals. 

Join Elena Mutonono and learn seven essential steps to teaching online in a FREE, 1-hour webinar on Saturday, September 28, at 9 AM CDT (17:00 Kiev time, 18:00 Moscow time). For content and registration see below:

Here are the topics we will cover in the course of 60 minutes:
  1. How to Start: Teach for A Platform or Create Something of Your Own?
  2. How to Develop your Online Presence?
  3. How to Interact with your Audience?
  4. How to Create New Materials?
  5. How to Develop and Sustain your Clientele?
  6. How to Find your Niche?
  7. How to Market Your Materials?

Apart from these, you can bring your questions that will be addressed and discussed in the course of the webinar. Please, sign up by filling up the form below:

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