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Употребление предлогов: работа над ошибками

По мнению одной из преподавательниц платформы OnlinEnglish, Ms. Caroline Germond, в речи русскоязычных учащихся довольно часто встречаются ошибки с употреблением предлогов. Они вызваны, прежде всего, различием предложных конструкций в русском и английском языке и буквальным переводом русских предлогов на английский. Как и в случаях с артиклями, некоторые сочетания с предлогами нужно просто зазубрить в ситуации, то есть, на примерах. В сегодняшней статье Кэролайн Жермонд не просто указывает на ошибки, но и приводит  в пример различные повседневные фразы, где используются те или иные предлоги. 

Days of the Week
            Our vacation will begin on Monday.
            The baby’s first birthday is on Saturday.
            They attended the tennis match on Sunday.
            The boss usually has to work on weekends.
            Irene goes to the movies on Fridays.
Irene goes to the movies every Friday.

Time of Day
            Michael’s appointment with the doctor is in the morning.
            Linda’s meeting is in the afternoon.
            Mark’s party is in the evening.
            Rose’s lunch date is at noon.
            William prefers to go to the movies at night.
            Laura’s English lesson begins at 3 o’clock.

            The Carter family has a house near the ocean.
            Ryan’s house is at the ocean.
            Emily’s family goes to the ocean on weekends.

            Be careful driving in the snow!
            It took Trent six hours to drive to Washington.
            Wanda prefers to take the bus to work.
            Robert always reads on the bus.
            Catherine usually arrives on time for work.
            We left early so that we would arrive at the airport on time.
            François is leaving for Paris tomorrow.
            He must travel to Paris for several meetings.
            The best way to travel in Germany is by train.

            James will go to New York City on his birthday.
            There were twenty guests at the birthday party.
            Susan has a special wish for her birthday.
            Jerry does not plan to celebrate his birthday.

Look/ Watch/See
Mark looked carefully at the photo.
            Look at the mess the dog made!
            The camp staff watched the children playing.
            The children were watching the game.
            Robert fell asleep while watching television.
            Did you see the full moon last night?
            Be careful; the boss sees everything!
            Debbie needed a magnifying glass to see the insect.
To apologize/To be sorry
            William apologized for breaking the vase.  He said, “I’m so sorry I broke the vase.”
            Samantha apologized to her friend.  She said, “I’m very sorry I hurt you.” 
            Gerald apologized to the waiter for spilling the drink.  He said, “I’m sorry I spilled my drink.”

To be sorry/To regret (disappointment)
            Hana was sorry that the bad weather caused the boat trip to be cancelled.
            Frederick regretted that he missed the start of the show.

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