пятница, 1 июня 2012 г.

The winner of the first OnlinEnglish teachers contest!

Three weeks ago we announced a competition for the most creative teacher's description. Eight teachers entered the competition, and I personally would like to thank both teachers and our readers for participating in this contest! This is the first out of 5 contests that we plan to hold in the upcoming months, so - stay tuned!

The winner of this contest got almost half of all the votes (click the image to the right) - it's teacher #2, Alla Kalishevich. Congratulations! 

Alla Kalishevich,
photo available from
Alla is originally from Belarus where she taught English and wrote multiple textbooks but is currently living and working in South Africa. She is passionate about teaching and training parents to be partners for English teachers (Pa-Pa). A month ago she created her own blog where she writes about teaching young learners of English and through which she plans to train parents how to teach English to their youngsters. Check out her blog today: http://papa-english.blogspot.com/.

Feel free to sign up for the updates with PaPa English Blog and enjoy reading it or just forward the link to your friends. And if you are a parent, I think signing up for her upcoming webinars and classes in September will be a great idea. If you already know English you can help teach your child, you just need to learn how! 

And - here are the prizes for our first winner! CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!

Our next teachers competition will start in just a month. Keep up with our updates! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.