четверг, 7 июня 2012 г.

Webinar 1 report: 3 tools to virtualize your classroom

Last week OnlinEnglish hosted the first webinar from the series "Virtualize Your Classroom" for English teachers. We had a great time learning about 3 tools that could potentially make your group of students more engaged and extend the learning beyond the traditional classroom to make language a tool rather than a goal. The 3 tools that teachers acquired in the course of the webinar will help them not only become more technologically savvy, but create unique lessons, tutorials and banners. So, below are the three tools and their short descriptions and then you'll find the link to the 41-min recording of the webinar (in Russian).

  1. The first tool we were introduced to was Google Earth. This program can be easily downloaded here, and the teachers can use it to create short tours to any place in the world, add pictures, historic facts, and just fun information. To learn some basic things on how to use Google Earth you can watch a tutorial here (it's in English). 
  2. The second tool is called BB express flash recorder which can be downloaded here for free. This will help you create screen videos and transfer them into the format that will be compatible with you-tube so you can show your virtual tours to anybody in the world.
  3. The third tool we looked at is called Glogster. Glogster is a service that allows you to create virtual banners that incorporate text, images and videos and put them together in one banner. Glogster is great to create tutorials where teachers can explain a particular topic, but it is also a wonderful tool for students to not just produce a video, but write its description, put pictures and invite friends to view it. You will need to sign up for this, but otherwise it is free, too.
Now that you have an approximate idea of what we learned last week I suggest you watch the video of our first webinar and then create your own fantastic virtual tours and banners! The teachers that participated in the first webinar can get a chance to receive valuable prizes by completing their home assignment (creating a tutorial glogster banner) by July 1st. Our next webinar is scheduled for July 12! Though the official registration is closed you can still attend webinar if you would like to just "audit" them. Please, send us a request by filling out this form.