пятница, 11 мая 2012 г.

VOTE for the most creative teacher's description!

A few weeks ago I started recruiting teachers for a new series of webinars on How to Virtualize an English Classroom. "Virtualization" is a new word  (my spellchecker doesn't even recognize it as I'm typing) that's mostly known among the IT-world, but it can and should also be applied to today's teaching methods because it extends one's learning experience beyond a regular "brick-and-mortar" classroom and boring textbooks into the wide-web world - the world where most are now spending the majority of our time. As a warm-up exercise (the first of many that will follow), I asked the teachers to describe themselves creatively. I didn't define creativity, but I did give a 100-word limit to their descriptions (just so they don't get too carried away:). Can you vote on the  person whose description you liked best? If you have any other comments, please, write them below. As always, I appreciate your help!

I'm posting all the descriptions anonymously, in the order they were received, verbatim.


"I am purposeful and addictive personality, I love to discover the world every day."


Anything is possible – my belief
Live, laugh, love – my motto
Live up to 100 – my hope
Accept the inevitable – my idea of stress-free life

Adaptable, Loyal, Lighthearted, Adventurous


"I’m a woman who seems to know what she wants but who gets uncertain sometimes because she wants too much. I lilke spending time with family and friends, and I like spending it alone studying. I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy translating. I love studying languages and history as much as I love sharing my knowledge with others. Oh, and I also tend to experiment, implement new ideas, be optimistic, conduct self-analysis, ponder over important issues in life, and use parallel constructions (the latter phrase as well as this comment is written just for the sake of reaching 100 word barrier)."


"I’m a 23 year old university graduate. I’m a lifelong student that loves reading different kinds of books but who gets bored very soon. Thus I hardly ever read a book from cover to cover, unless it is really interesting. I’m very hot-tempered and emotional. I love meeting new people. I’m also looking forward to challenging activities and jobs, although I don’t like asking questions. I believe I am a goal-oriented person and I’m committed to what I’m doing."


"I always find it an exquisitely difficult situation when I am asked to describe myself. In official resumes I write, “Appropriate vocational and interpersonal skills; significant flexibility; desire to take initiative; high level of energy, imagination, and commitment; excellent ability to communicate and handle conflicts.” Yes, you always want to produce an unforgettable impression on your potential employer! Though I believe it is better to ask people that see you every day in sometimes unfavorable circumstances – your family, teachers, or students. So, as it says, “Recommendations upon request.” :)"


"I’m a calm person who hates conflicts. I love my friends and family and I always do my best to be a true friend. I’m a bit shy and I like to listen more than to speak. I’m Gemini, so I’m creative and I love making different things with my own hands. I am also fond of music (piano and guitar) and dancing. Every summer I work as an organizator in the camp (it’s real fun and a chance to use creativity and imagination). And of course I like learning foreign languages (English French and a little bit of Spanish)."


"Crazy. Crazy. Crazy (I have used 3 the most important words from
100 by now!).
Optimistic, active, independent, tolerant.
Hardworking (when motivated!), problem solving, can work as a team leader.
Hobbies: travelling, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, canicross, sleddog sport, skijoring, gardening."


"I am a romantic by nature, and to some extent, a creative individual. I love drawing and writing. Sometimes I have an invasion of great ideas and thoughts that do not go beyond my mind because of my gloomy life realism, giving rise to lots of doubts.
I can be very persistent. Very often, however, it takes me much time to finish what I started. There can be a stage, when I can think “why do I need it at all?” But later I understand that I am on the right way…just a few more steps forward with clenched teeth!"

To vote, just click on the number of the teacher that you think is the most creative! Click "done" after you've made your choice!