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International Women's Day?

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Growing up in Ukraine I've been told since my childhood that the "International Women's Day" is celebrated around the world. Much to my surpirse, I came to find out that the "international" meant "in the communist countries only," and over time it remained greatly popular only in the former Soviet countries.

As the celebration continues throughout the weekend I would like to share two encouraging and ironic songs about being a woman, from the point of view of a teenager and a grown man. Since American culture is shaped and molded by musicals, both of the songs will be taken from some of the most popular musicals, Bye Bye Birdie and My Fair Lady. Today's song is performed by Ann Margret and is a confession of a young girl called How Lovely to Be a Woman. Enjoy!
Please, watch the video and fill out the gaps!

When you're a 1)______ child of fifteen,
Wide with braces from 2)_____________,
You doubt that you will ever be appealing.
Then Hallelujah! You are sixteen
And the braces 3)__________
And your skin is smooth and clear
And you have that happy 4)________ female feeling.
How lovely to be a woman,
The wait was well worth while;
How lovely to wear 5)__________
And smile a woman's smile.
How lovely to have a figure,
That's round instead of 6)________;
Whenever you hear boys whistle,
You're what they're whistling at.
It's 7)__________ to feel
The way a woman feels;
It gives you such a glow just to know
You're wearing 8)______________!
How lovely to be a woman
And have one job to do;
To pick out a boy and 9)_________
And then when you 10)___________,
You've made him the man you want him to be!
How lovely to be a woman like me!
How wonderful to know
The things a woman knows;
How marvelous to wait 11)__________
In simply beautiful clothes!
How lovely to be a woman
And change from boys to 12)_________
To go to a fancy nightclub
And stay out after ten.
How lovely to be so 13)_________ and free!
14)__________ when you're a woman like me!

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