четверг, 5 января 2012 г.

Get the highest score on your TOEFL test!

Since its first administration in 1965 over 25 million people around the world have taken the TOEFL test. The number continues growing as the TOEFL test is now administered over the Internet (IBT), as well as on paper (PBT). There is a growing demand to take TOEFL among College students as over 8,000 Universities in over 130 countries now rely on TOEFL scores to assess a student's level of English. Moreover, TOEFL scores are required by immigration offices, medical and licencing departments. How do you get the highest score on TOEFL when you have limited resources and time? How can you prepare most efficiently?

Today I had a skype interview with my colleague, Irina Trishina, who took her test in February of 2011 and scored 99 out of 120 on her Internet-Based TOEFL test! How did she do it? Listen to our 20-minute conversation to find out!

I first met Irina Trishina in one of the training courses in Simferopol, Ukraine. She struck me as a dedicated specialist and a great learner. Since that time she's received multiple certificates, taken TOEFL test, prepared students for it, and now, to her degree at Tavrida National University, she has added a diploma as a TESOL certified English teacher that will allow her to work in any part of the world! 

Here's our interview! I hope you will enjoy it and learn from the tips she has given to us so graciously.

You can listen to and download the recording here:


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