среда, 11 января 2012 г.

Get the highest score on your TOEFL test! Part 2

Irina Trishina
A week ago I interviewed a colleague of mine and asked her to share a few tips on TOEFL preparation. If you haven't listened to our interview yet, I highly recommend it as there's nothing better that will help you to prepare for any test than the sound advice from the actual exam takers. You can access the recording here. Today Ira would like to share top 5 Internet resources on TOEFL preparation. Here's what she says:
I would like to share with everyone the links that I used for TOEFL preparation. These links refer to vocabulary, free pracice tests , and videos that will save your time and serve as a helpful tool while preparing for a TOEFL test. Please find the list of webstes below:

  1. Essential TOEFL vocabulary: www.toeflvocabulary.com 
  2. Free TOEFL practice tests: http://www.testden.com/challenge/free-toefl-c.asp?refererid=goog7&gclid=COvvopfWjq0CFWgEQAodklGomQ 
  3. TOEFL practice videos: https://www.notefull.com/ 
  4. TOEFL forum: http://www.english-test.net/forum/forum16.html 
  5. Free practice samples: http://www.english-test.net/toefl/listening/Why_is_the_man_taking_this_course.html 

I hope you will find them useful. Good luck on your test!