четверг, 12 января 2012 г.

English Teacher's 2012 Professional Development List

New Year prompts all of us to start writing down new personal and professional goals. While disclosing this information may lead some to slack off and drop the ball on all the new accomplishments, I feel some are worth sharing as they might inspire more quality teaching. Quality teaching, in turn, spawns quality learning. Quality learning produces generations of healthy individuals, able to make responsible choices and, ultimately, impact the world. But it all starts with one teacher writing down her top 5 professional development aspirations. I want to work towards making most of them true. Some will require wise financial planning while others are simply a matter of prioritizing the time. Either way, there are endless possibilities for growth, no matter how little time or money we have. So, here we go - top 5 goals for an ESL teacher in 2012.

  1. Subscribe for Language Magazine or Reader's Digest. They're quite affordable, actually, and when weighed against all the wealth of information that it has I think it's a great deal.
  2. Become a TESOL member and attend the annual TESOL convention. Those are either hosted locally or internationally. International traveling definitely involves a lot of financial sacrifice, but local annual conferences will also be a great opportunity for professional growth. Here's some information on Regional English Language Office in Ukraine.
  3. Buying a Kindle. This might be a luxury, but in the long run it will be a treasure of all the classics and rare books that you will be able to either get for free or purchase through amazon and never pay anything for the shipping! It can be tedious ordering something from the west, but this problem will definitely be solved with Kindle.
  4. Take online classes with Heinle Cengage Learning. All the classes are conducted online and will be helpful for anybody wanting to engage into learning more in the area of English language instruction.
  5. Plan to attend a conference on teaching English online. As anything that deals with teaching online, these might be quite expensive, but there're a variety of options out there, and some may be rather reasonable. 
  6. Bonus 1: Read Howard Gardner's Book Multiple Intelligences. This is a fascinating book, it's rather engaging and thought-provoking like anything by Dr. Gardner, but if you like education, and I hope you do otherwise, please, don't teach :) this will be a wonderful tool to use in the future when you develop new courses.
  7. Bonus 2: Be ready to volunteer. Give a few lessons for free. It will benefit the community, benefit your students, benefit your reputation, and strengthen your resume. 
And, don't forget to check out OnlinEnglish options for English Teacher's Development. Click here.

Finally, at the end of the year, look through the things you have accomplished and add some important achievements to your resume. That will help you immensely. Have a great, fruitful and productive year!