четверг, 15 декабря 2011 г.

Past Tenses in Action

Past Tenses are used to describe actions that took place some time ago. There is always an adverbial modifier, like yesterday, two days ago, a year ago, last night that indicates that the verb will be used in the Past Simple Tense. To differentiate a simple action in the past from an ongoing one, we use the Past Continuous. For instance: I played chess when I was a child. I was playing chess at 5 o'clock last night. To talk about a repeated action or state in the past that is no longer true we use "used to" and "would." For example: When I was a child, I used to (would) go to the movies every weekend. It is important not only to know the rules, but to practice them, so today you will get to listen to a short movie trailer and fill out the gaps using English Past Tenses. Take your time watching it, and I hope you will enjoy it! 

The key to the assignment is provided only to the members of the OnlinEnglish Grammar group. If you would like to learn more about it and join it, read more here. Please, watch the trailer and fill out the blanks below. You can do so on a separate sheet of paper and then check your answers by logging into our OnlinEnglish Grammar group. 

"Jerry, I'm not working Christmas."
"But Lucy, you're the only one..."
"...without family."

For Lucy loneliness 1) _______ a way of life.
"Joe Jr.'s still single!" "Yeah, it's a ... shocker."
But the moment she 2) _________ Peter she 3)_________ a believer in love at first site.

"He 4)_______ perfect."

Then fate 5)___________.

"Mister! There's a train coming!...God, you smell good.

Now she's a part of his life...
"He's in a coma."
"Ah, I 6)__________ marry him.

"Who is she?"
"She's his fiance!"
"Peter's engaged?"

Part of his family...

"We're so glad he 7) ________ you!"
"You  haven't met Jack yet!"
"It's funny, my brother never 8) __________ you."
"Which one of the Three Stoogies was Peter's favorite?"
"Curly! Huh! He's everybody's favorite!"

"Fact is, you're not really Peter's type." 
"Whose type am I?"
"I like blonds."
"You like brunettes!" 

"What can I say, Peter? I was never envious of anything that you 9)_________ until now."

"You have to tell me what to do! I like Jack."
"Pull the plug!"
"I'm sick? You're cheating on a vegetable."