вторник, 17 марта 2015 г.

T-O-N-I-C resume-writing principles: stay in shape!

If your goal is to write a successful resume you should consider these five key factors (they're easy to remember because they spell out the word "TONIC"):

  1. Take time: You only have one chance to impress your potential employer, so putting together a sloppy, last-minute two-pager is not going to help. Take time to think through the following features: design, paper and printer quality, envelope, and envelope labels (if you have to mail it).
  2. Organize: There's nothing more annoying than a resume that is poorly organized. Try to make your sections approximately the same height and width, pay particular attention to fonts and other formatting features.
  3. Narrow down: Writing about your entire work experience may turn against you, no matter how impressive it is. Think of your potential employer and narrow down your experience to what he/she might enjoy reading about.
  4. Inspire: When writing about your work experience, make sure you employ the words that are dramatic and dynamic, the words that will impress, inspire, and make a statement about who you really are!
  5. Check: Your resume must NOT have any mistakes, unless, of course, you don't want this job. Proofread it yourself, then let your friends and/or colleagues edit it as well. Work on it and polish it up until it's impressive.

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