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Teacher Training Programs with OnlinEnglish

As the school year is about to start in Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries in just a week I thought it appropriate to list three options of OnlinEnglish training available for English teachers. All these programs give a great opportunity for you to learn how to be a competitive teacher in today's world and how to design, define and develop your online presence. So, here are three options with short descriptions and base prices.

NEW! E-course: What Students Want: This is a FREE five-week course that will help you define your goals, expand your horizons, and provide you with a package of tools to enrich your teaching experience. To register for the course, fill out the form below. The teaching is conducted through emails. 

ADVANCE program: This is a month-long intense correspondence course that includes 4 modules in 4 different online formats conducted by a professional ESL instructor. Each module is conducted on a weekly basis and includes extensive home assignments aiming at improving particular skills, strengthening the teacher’s expertise, and expanding their vocabulary. The course can run as long as 1 year.

Master Class: This class was designed to serve the needs of the fast growing e-teaching population. If you have never taught online and would like to try it out, delve into it, and grow it, this is a course for you! It teaches you everything from blogging and other webinar platforms, website portfolio and their use in teaching to email marketing, sales, and loyalty development. This class is privately taught, but will pay off quickly as you start moving your classroom online. The course can be 5-10 weeks long. It can be customized according to your needs.
With any questions and comments feel free to write to instructor @ eto-onlinenglish.com (remove spaces). You can write in Russian or in English.

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