четверг, 21 июля 2011 г.

126. Obesity rates on the rise in the US

According to Mail Online News, America's obesity epidemic shows no signs of recovery as the rate of overweight people has climbed over a 30 per cent mark in at least 12 states. The staggering statistics indicates at least a 10 per cent growth in comparison with the year 2000 when no state had more than 25 per cent obesity rate. To date, the heaviest state is still Mississippi with over 34 per cent overweight population. Among other obese states are West Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama (see the map below). The lowest rate of obesity was reported in Colorado (21 per cent).

Such condition will definitely contribute to the growth of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. This in turn will increase the cost of health insurance and healthcare in the US in general, as more research will have to be done to deal with the diseases that can be easily prevented at their early stages. In some ways, we truly are what we eat.