вторник, 14 июня 2011 г.

Teacher's tips: Case Study 2.

Today I would like to invite teachers to comment on a new case study that deals with lesson planning and curriculum development. If you are or have been developing classroom materials and/or syllabi, I would like to hear your feedback and comments on this case study! Again, the names have been changed and content slightly modified for privacy issues.

I once encountered a teacher (let's call her "Ms. Jones") who had a hard time achieving her goals in the class room. Her major role was to teach her students some conversational English patterns so they are able to communicate more freely. However, after 6 months her students were still lagging behind and feeling very insecure when forming a short sentence. I discovered after a brief lesson observation that the teacher was immersing the students more into regular Grammar instruction with rules and exercises arguing that people need to know Grammar to be able to speak more fluently. As much as I value Grammar instruction, I could not agree. I suggested her developing a different curriculum. What would you suggest?