пятница, 3 июня 2011 г.

Teacher's tips: Case Study 1.

Please, read the following case study from my teaching experience and let me know what you think about this prospect teacher. Give some reasons and support them. Why do you think this teacher may or may not be effective? What does he need to work on? The name is fictitious.

*Mr. Smith* contacted me a few months ago regarding a possibility of becoming an online instructor. He has some experience teaching and would love to work online. I respond to his email and ask him what time would be best for our interview. Three days later he responds, and we set a time. Mind that it is not a face-to-face meeting, but I conduct it solely through skype. On the day of our interview Mr. Smith is 25 minutes late. We reschedule. The next time he manages to be only 5 minutes late. After the interview I give them an assignment and ask him to accomplish it within a week. He emails me the completed work within 3 weeks....