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112. The Benefits of Tea Drinking

What's your favorite tea? I enjoy "Graf Orlov" (see the image below), the fragrant black tea with saffron, cornflower, black and red current, raspberry, and strawberry, which tastes slightly tart, but has a great effect on my body. I sometimes wonder why we prefer certain teas over others. From my perspective, it all has to do with the memories that a particular taste of tea brings back. Some teas remind me of my parents' home and friends, long talks into the night and a life in Ukraine.

Teas are not only an important attribute of any heart-to-heart talk in Ukraine or Russia. Teas have a number of health benefits, such as hydrating our system, preventing oral cavities, heart failures and even mental disorders such as Alzheimer's disease! Which tea is better for you? As it turns out, people can benefit from any kind of tea as long as it is high quality and is well-prepared. Generally a tea plant looks the same, however the "kind" of tea is determined by the leaves condition after harvesting. Every kind of tea possesses its own natural healing attributes.

White tea comes from the delicate buds and younger leaves of a Chinese plant. The leaves are allowed to dry up in natural sunlight before they are lightly processed to prevent fermentation and oxidation. One of the positive effects of white tea on your body is thinning the blood and lowering your cholesterol level, which in turn prevents heart diseases.

Green tea is made of the leaves of the same Chinese plant, Camellia sinensis, employing minimal oxidation process. Among many others, one of its health benefits is boosting your metabolism which may be helpful if you are trying to lose or maintain weight.

Yellow tea is processed similarly to green tea, but with a more extended drying phase where the leaves are allowed to wither longer, thus it is more oxidized than green tea. Yellow tea may prevent cancer and diabetes and promotes mental agility.

Oolong tea (black dragon tea) undergoes its own peculiar processing and boosts our overall health condition.

Black tea (my favorite) is oxidized much more than any other kinds of teas, thus it contains more caffeine than others. Black tea is reported to have vast anti-virus effects and thus to a certain extent prevents a number of infectious diseases.

Whichever tea you end up choosing for consumption, keep in mind that a good cup of tea is always better when shared with the loved ones. OK: I guess it's my tea time, and I don't want to miss out on that!

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