вторник, 17 мая 2011 г.

111. Norman Rockwell: an American Painter and Illustrator

A familiar for many Americans print titled "Begging" on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post draws one into a life of light, leisure, and laughter. Look at the faithful dog who's fixed its gaze on that box of sweets begging to get just one candy. Indifferent to her pet, the master continues reading giving no notice to the puppy's demands.

Norman Rockwell painted this scene for a Post Cover of June 1925. His prints and paintings, always cheerful and bright, skillfully concealed the truth about his depressions and emotional disorders. Norman Rockwell has lived through two wars, the Great Depression of the 30s, three marriages, and random visits to a psychiatrist.
His doctor used to say that Mr. Rockwell painted happiness but didn't live it. However, Norman Rockwell was a prolific painter, having journaled scenes around him in a series of over 4,000 either warm and cozy, or firm and blatant pictures of the life in America as it was.

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