воскресенье, 8 мая 2011 г.

109. Электронные книги: E-books

Have you ever thought of owning an "e-book?" In reality, whenever you purchase an "e-book" (Kindle, Nook or I-Pad) you end up buying an e-book library! Over the last five years e-book industry has revolutionized modern readership as well as the publishers.

Whenever I travel I carry a stack of books along with me that take up a lot of room in my suitcase and make my bags heavier. Needless to say, I've been considering purchasing an e-reader for some time. I still recognize that nothing can replace the unique "feel" of the book, the smell, the "story" behind it, the pages rippled by dried-up tears or bookmarked by occasional midnight snacks. However, as I offer a non-traditional, online teaching option for students willing to learn English for the sake of convenience, I understand that traditional book-reading may be enhanced (not completely eliminated though) by e-reading. So, if you find yourself on a business trip, willing to read, but not having the actual "bound" books I would love to offer you a couple of suggestions.
  • Gutenberg project offers a variety of books that you can download on your computer, e-reader, or even a mobile phone! Most of the books available here are primarily classical literature in English!
  • English reading room has an interactive menu listing online resources, such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, books, etc.
  • Open Culture is an excellent resource that I have already mentioned in this blog entry, but I find it worthwhile reminding my readers about this one as well as it has a number of audio books available for free!
  • Downloadable resources for kids: Find a wealth of flash cards, powerpoints, games and activities.
  • E-books for English teachers: here is another resource that English teachers might find useful. While the majority of books cost something, you can download samples for free. With the amount of samples available on this website you can create exciting lesson plans for your kids. I would particularly suggest downloading some of these sample activities.
With these resources added to your "favorites" I hope you will never run out of books to read without overloading your suitcase!