среда, 4 мая 2011 г.

108. English for Children: Three Unique Resources

As it turns out, one very enthusiastic group that I have been teaching to over the past year is a group of young mothers who are either on maternity leave or are working part-time and want to invest some of their precious time into learning English. I respect their desire and find that it is excellent for mothers to be able not only to advance in life by themselves, but also give a wonderful head start for their children! There are fabulous resources online that will help mothers develop their children's listening comprehension from a very young age. If we do not make an effort to help our children hear, they will grow up with the same language barrier you once had, and this is something you want to avoid. The best way to do it is to introduce listening activities naturally through interactive online programs, games, and stories.
  1. The first resource I would like to introduce is LearnEnglish Kids. This is a British Council resource that has a wide variety of downloadable activities, music, songs and cartoons. Before showing a cartoon to your child, prepare for it yourself and introduce it. Spend time watching and then ask the child some simple questions like, "Who is it?" and then model an answer: "This is a ...". Naming objects and asking questions about objects is the first step to develop fluency.
  2. The second resource I have found interesting is Mother Goose Club. This resource has rhymes, songs, and fun activities for children learning English. You can let your children listen to the songs and then sing these songs throughout the day with your child. Make sure you learn the words of the songs first! This resource also has a fantastic youtube channel to which you can subscribe to receive updates.
  3. The third resource is used for the older children who are learning to write in English. It is called My Story Maker and allows kids create their own stories/cartoons and "write them" into a book. It is a fascinating resource if you want to teach your children how to write in English.
I hope these resources will be helpful to you!