среда, 27 апреля 2011 г.

106. Arranged Marriages: Looking Beyond Traditions

Most people see arranged marriages as a thing of the past, a tradition long forgotten and left behind as something antique. Paintings like the one above by V.V. Pukirev, The Arranged Marriage speak to us through the centuries to remind of the days long gone. I remember writing a description of this painting in the 8th grade, finding the custom repulsive and barbarian, and sympathizing the woman whose eyes had obviously known no sleep and seen no joy. But is it always so dramatic? Some cultures find arranged marriages the best option for building a family. For a number of Indian couples arranged marriages remain customary. A friend of mine, an American, who now lives in India wrote his thoughts about arranged marriages in his blog. Will love follow a marriage arranged by the parents? Each person finds their own answer to the question. What do you think?