суббота, 9 апреля 2011 г.

100. Life in a Bubble house. Part 1

Imagine living in a bubble... Waking up on the round bed, eating at a round table, walking through round doors and looking out of eye-shaped windows. You may have trouble finding furniture to furnish a house like that or a corner to get your child into a timeout, as is so convenient in other "typical" houses, but, according to Antti Lovag, the architect of the first bubble house, you will feel much more "at home" living exactly in a bubble house. Behind the idea of creating a futuristic-looking abode is the desire to design the space that would most likely fit a human being's physiological and psychological needs. Since the first formative months of any human are spent in the womb -a shape with no corners and angles - people, as argued by the avant-garde architect, would be most comfortable living in a dome-looking structures, not "boxes." No matter how we feel about them, these houses have been in demand for over 40 years now, and Antti Lovag has had quite a few projects to develop, one of them is a house for the famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin in Cannes.

Based on the material from this website.
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