суббота, 11 декабря 2010 г.

73. English for Managers and Business Consultants: New Year's Resolutions

There is a very common New Year's tradition in English-speaking countries. On the New Year's Eve people write down a list of their New Year's resolutions (goals or plans) that they would like to achieve in the coming year. Some want to lose weight, others to gain it. Some resolve to start working out on January 1, while others decide to go on a vacation to some exotic country. At the end of the year such list with New Year's resolutions is reviewed again to see what has been achieved. Have you written your list yet?

However, one of the most challenging tasks is not to write the list, but to "stick to it". The business consultant in the following video gives some practical advice on how to attain your New Year's resolutions. Please, watch the video and complete the assignment below.