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48. English for Interior Designers: Urban Living Room at the Home and Remodeling S...

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  1. Watch this video and fill out the gaps with the words you hear. Retell the content.

    Welcome, this is Betsy Isackson from Betsy Isackson Interior Design. I am at the home and designer modeling show, and I've been 1)________ to design a room in honor of a 2)________ or a TV 3)_______. And this room that I've used here in design is more of an urban 4)___________ using all the natural elements of nature and a more contemporary feeling. It's very unique, 5)__________ look for that certain client, but boy what a puff it takes to do this.

    I love this 6)________ feel, just using all the natural colors, and a nice cream, 7)______ effect in the room with the rough 8)__________ of the table and the dining room chairs, and also using a cow 9)_______ rug to give it a soft texture in the room along with the 10)__________ marble effect with the crocodile 11)___________ chairs, with the 12)_______ of their polished crown and showing 13)________ Audrey Hepburn in the room; and with that it gives you an amazing 14)_________-contemporary look, and if you like this look you can contact me, Betsy Isackson from Betsy Isackson Interior Design, and we can talk and I can design your 15)________ home of your dreams.

    Thank you so much!