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1. English for Programmers: APC by Schneider Electric

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  1. 1.Listen to the recording and complete the sentences below:

    Virtualization promises to a)___________, b)__________, and c)___________.

    The IT world has taken on virtualization because
    first of all, it _____________. It also helps you utilize your _____________.

    Virtualization makes every application look like it has sole ownership of that server when in reality you have ___________________.

    Adapting _______________ could actually boost inefficiencies and ultimately __________.

    It's like leaving your car ___________ with the __________: not going anywhere.

    But it's not just about right sizing power and cooling needs, it's about _________________.

    If power and cooling capabilities aren't flexible enough to meet these ever-changing load requirements, _______________. And if those aren't quickly addressed _______________________ may result.

    Microsoft understands that problems occur in all _________________ and is actively _____________ to testing technology dealing with __________________.

    We have customers come in and we help them ___________ what it can do for their business.

    If you think of a modern IT environment, you don't know ________________. So if you can ___________ to keep pace with the economy ... then it's going to be a __________________.

    How does APC help Microsoft?

    What is Microsoft System Center Operations Manager?

    Why is the partership between APC and Microsoft advantageous?