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11. English for Programmers: What is Server Virtualization

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  1. Watch the video and fill out the gaps:

    A typical enterprise data center ________ lots of servers, but workload's very widely depending on __________, _________ or _______ _________. So many servers spend much of their time ________ _________. That's a waste of ________ hardware resources. Resources that demand ongoing ___________, ____________ and _______ __________.

    Server virtualization __________ to increase server ___________ by dividing individual _________ servers into multiple _________ servers, each with its own operating __________ and applications.

    Through the _________ of virtualization each virtual server ________ and ________ just like a physical server, multiplying the ________ of any ________ machine and easing server _________.

    In its most technically advanced ________ virtualization software called a ___________creates a layered __________ between the virtual server and the __________ hardware. The __________ can ______ virtual instances of several different __________ __________ at the ______ _______.

    The virtual servers need NOT be aware they're running in a __________ _________.

    A second method is run each virtual machine on a version of an operating system that has been specially __________ to _________ with a Hypervisor.

    This technique is known as _____________ and it offers a _________ performance _________.

    Still other operating systems __________ their
    own form of virtualization at the _______ level. In these cases, virtual servers are still __________ from one another, but they're all __________ the same ___________ system. The advantage of the operating system virtualization is __________ similar to that without virtualization ______ _____.

    Which form of virtualization is right for you will _______ _____ various factors, but the decision has been _________ somewhat by _________ hardware improvements. Modern processors are often _________ with built-in support for virtualization which eases the ________ on the Hypervisor and can _________ _________ no matter which form of virtualization you use.

    It's important to _________ however that while server virtualization can ______ costs, it can also actually _________ the complexity of the IT environment. Just like physical servers, virtual servers ________ ongoing ________ and _______.

    As the reliance on virtualization increases, expect to ________ in a _______ of specialized ... to support this new _______ of deploying server __________.